Deposition Service

We offer a high-quality deposition service, leveraging our proprietary technology to produce ultra-thin layers of materials on various substrates. This service is ideal for industries requiring precise and uniform coating applications.

Material Analysis Service

We provide comprehensive material analysis services to characterize and understand the properties and structure of various materials. Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques and equipment to provide accurate and reliable results, contributing to the success of your research and development efforts.

Thin-film Deposition Total Solution


 We offer a variety of foundry services of high-crystalline thin films to meet customers’ needs for the development of new products applied to semiconductors, MEMS, etc.

 We provide thin film deposition processes by PVD such as Sputtering and Evaporator, ALD , and CVD processes. High crystalline thin film deposition reflecting various specifications requested by the customer is possible.

 Target materials can be deposited on silicon and sapphire substrates, and the process can also be carried out on the substrates held by the customer. Deposition service costs are determined by process equipment, deposition materials, substrate types, order volume, process time, additional service availability, etc.


  • High-crystalline thin film deposition is possible
  • Wide Deposible Materials


Thin-film Patent Package

Through collaboration between patent attorneys specializing in semiconductor materials and doctoral-level personnel majoring in semiconductor thin films and devices, we can provide patent packages such as technology possibility testing, IP analysis, and technology transfer.

Urban Micro Foundry Package

 Our company can construct a semi-clean room-level urban small-scale factory through direct design and construction by an architectural engineering architect. It can be applied to various types of manufacturing plants such as semiconductors, food materials, and bio plants.

 In addition, through collaboration with special vacuum deposition equipment manufacturers, we can manufacture deposition equipment customized to the customer’s purpose and build the necessary facilities and equipment infrastructure to use the equipment.

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