Technology & Solution

  • Commercialization of the world’s first ultra-sensitive energy-responsive semiconductor thin film
  • Realization of ESG goals through eco-friendly vacuum deposition method -> No use of toxic organic materials and gases
  • Overwhelming price competitiveness -> Simple processes & low production costs, circuit simplification
  • Low investment in facility and equipment setup -> Fine patterning X, High-class cleanroom X
  • Localization of new semiconductor materials and components & leading in the field

Sustainable Development

VanaM’s semiconductors are the product of an innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing process. We employ a process method that minimizes environmental impact by adopting a vacuum deposition method, which excludes the use of harmful organic substances and gases.

Extra Sensory

Leveraging our proprietary technology for producing high-performance semiconductor thin films, we are developing new semiconductors and special thin film materials that have not yet been commercialized. Alongside this, we are conducting research projects and consultations with various research institutions and companies.


Fire Detector

Protection Circuit

Power Electronics

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