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Company Introduction

Thin-film Deposition Total Solution

  • Special Purpose Thin Film R&D, Manufacturing
  • Deposition process data analysis, thin film component prediction
  • Provide total solution related to semiconductor thin film

Human Resource & Network

  • A team of experts in semiconductor thin film materials, device majors
  • MOU with LAB on thin film – Korea Univ. ,KIST, KANC, Seoul National University Semiconductor Joint Research Institute, etc

Thin-film Infra & IP setting

  • Urban Micro Foundry - Cleanroom, Related Equipment, Facility Construction Consulting Services
  • Patent attorneys specializing in semiconductor materials - Technology transfer related to thin films of new materials, supporting technology development


Ph.D. for semiconductor

IP Patent Attorney

Architect for facility

Our company is composed of a team of specialists including doctors specialized in semiconductor thin film materials, an intellectual property attorney,

and an architect proficient in facility construction. Each member of our team are leveraging their profound expertise to offer optimized semiconductor solutions.

Through abundant creativity and relentless pursuit of innovation, our team is committed to the future of technology. Meet our team, who are dedicated to creating new value in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Building Foundations: Laying the Cornerstones of Success

  • Established VanaM Co., Ltd.
  • Selected as a pilot R&D project under the initial start-up package by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • Named the top company in the 10th Kibo Venture Camp by Korea Technology Finance Corporation
  • Confirmed as a venture company (innovative growth type) with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications
  • Participated in the final demo day of IBK Changgong (Guro 8th class)


Innovation Unbound: Unleashing Our Potential

  • Commenced the construction of a pilot line for an urban semiconductor foundry in Seoul
  • Founded a corporate affiliated research institute and appointed
  • Certified as a materials, components, equipment specializing company and an excellent company for job invention compensation
  • Registered core patents for next-generation semiconductor thin films
  • Selected as a Super Gap Startup (System Semiconductor Division) by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • Selected as a best companies at KU Tech Fair Selected as a Startup Growth Technology Development Project(Strategic Type Selection) by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Selected as a Deep Tech TIPS R&D


Expanding Horizons: Towards Global Recognition

  • Participated in CES 2024


New Office, CA


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